Special gifts

GoLucky Jewelry and texts are specially designed for each individual client’s needs!

Our Jewelry is a positive energy source which helps you navigate through life in a positive light.

GoLucky Jewelry can be worn for positive vibes in times of health challenges and general down moments in life. It can also be worn as a lovely and unique everyday jewelry. In any case, it is special and unique for everybody who knows the value of positivity in life.

Each individual piece of jewelry is made from intuition based on the users expectations. Your Jewelry would be made our of a mixture of two or more of these materials:

  • sterling silver
  • leather
  • crystal beads and cowries

GoLucky Jewelry can be bought for personal use or as a present for loved ones. There are basically 3 starter bases to choose from which are:

  • Bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Key chains

All items sell for the same price. When you pick your base, your jewelry colour, material and goodwill message would be specially designed and worked upon. Afterwards the jewelry is positively charged to give it’s wearer that unique feeling expected from wearing this unique jewelry. It is then packed and sent to you with much love and good will. This process takes 1 week from start to finish so keep that in mind when planning your order.

We do not have samples of our Jewelry online because most of our clients want and deserve privacy and are against us showing their by unique jewelry online. We also do not produce on ground because each client is unique and that uniqueness is intuitively used to make the right item for the right client.

When you place your order, you would be expected to answer some questions. The answers given are important and forms the bases of what design your jewelry would take. So please answer the question as detailed as possible.

Good luck as you GoLucky with us!

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